Key West Lobster Robbers Still Active After Mini-Season

Despite some rain and rough water this week, the Fish Key West Deep Sea Charters were able to take advantage of some hot Mahi-Mahi fishing. Both bull and cow dolphins were running in good numbers and big sizes. Reports were coming in of many fish in the 30 lb. plus range. Fishermen on the Easy Rider with Captain Rob Harris continued looking for the good luck with dolphin that saw the Easy Rider team take home the first place Mahi-Mahi in the recent Drambuie Key West Marlin Tournament. Captain Harris also found that the reefs were good for Yellowtail Snapper, and plenty of anglers limited out on these great table fish. The key to big Mahi-Mahi was taking a full day trip to head 20 miles or more offshore to the south of Key West. This strategy was productive for some bigger Wahoo as well.

Beyond the reef, some boats braved rough sea conditions to explore Deep Sea spots lying far offshore of Key West. Howells Hook, Pulley Ridge, and Rankin Ridge offer fishing in water a deep as 900 feet and up to 150 miles out to sea. The fishing was reported as being non-stop with big Blueline Tilefish, Silky Snappers, Yelloweye Snapper, and plenty of Grouper species coming over the rail. Fishermen interested in a multi-day offshore trip that has the potential for producing a lot of big bottom fish might want to investigate one of these charters.

This week also brought the opening of the regular Lobster sport season. Bugs were reported as being generally plentiful, and many divers pulled in limits the first couple of days. Other Lobster-related news was the report of a Marathon woman who advertised fresh Lobster for sale on Craig’s List. She got a call in response to her ad, and proceeded to meet the “customer” in the parking lot of a Marathon K-Mart. Unfortunately for the Lobster saleswoman, the buyer was Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Officer Raul Pena Lopez. He claimed to need enough Lobster for a family party of 25 people, and asked to inspect the product to make sure there was plenty. After verifying 25 tails in the clear plastic bags, Officer Lopez signaled to uniformed FWS officers nearby, who made a marine fisheries inspection and charged the woman with illegal possession and sale of Lobster.

The lesson here is to keep the “sport” in sport fishing by following the regulations meant to preserve our Key West fisheries for future fun times for all. That’s why the captains of Fish Key West Charters are happy to support catch-and-release fishing. Book a trip with us and come on down to reap some of the benefits of our good conservation practices.