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Key West Fishing in January

Key West fishing in January means cool, comfortable fishing weather. Air temps are pleasant and shifts in water temperature really seem to turn on the fishing. Expect rough seas when cold fronts move through, then warming and calming trends between fronts. Hit the Backcountry during the sporty weather then catch a hot bite out on the reef during the following warm days. If you are looking for Sailfish, January is the time to plan a Key West fishing trip.

January Fishing

In the Atlantic, shoreward shifts of the Gulf Stream and baitfish movements induced by cooling water bring large pelagics including Sailfish, Wahoo, and Cero Mackerel in near the outer reef edge. Sharks, Kingfish, and large schools of Permit can be found over the Gulf wrecks. Schools of Blackfin and Bonito Tuna offer some fast action offshore.

January Weather Outlook

January is the coldest month of the year in Key West, but daily highs still average around 74°F and rarely go below 66°F. Skies are clear or partly cloudy 70% of the time. Precipitation chances are about 15% to 13%, with monthly rainfall averaging 1.5 inches. Winds average 13.7 miles per hour out of the east. It’s a good month to fish the Backcountry as baitfish schools swarm into warm nearshore water.

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