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Chum Slick

Chumming is the use of attractants (chum) to draw fish to the angler’s location and incite them to feed. The chum usually consists of various fish or shrimp oils, blood, ground fish, or other by-products. For Shark fishing, blood and by-products from large animals such as cattle may be used.

A chum slick is created by slowly and gradually releasing the chum into the water at a controlled rate. The type of chum used and the way it is dispersed depends on the fish species being targeted. A typical scenario would have the chum mixed and dispersed in such a way as to leave some material floating on the surface, other particles suspended just below the surface, and some portions sinking toward the bottom.

Professional guides have their favorite species-specific chum recipes and dispersal techniques. It is important to use the right type and amount of chum for the fish species being targeted, with the primary objective being to induce a feeding frenzy in which many fish gather in one place and begin to compete for available food.

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