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Key West Fishing in June

Hot and calm is a recipe for great offshore fishing if you are thinking about doing some Key West fishing in June. Calm seas and school vacation make June a great month for a family fishing vacation in Key West.

June Fish Species

The Mutton Snapper schools will still be moving along the reef during the June full moon period. Big pelagics like Barracuda, Kingfish, and Wahoo gather in schools around the wrecks. The Key West Backcountry Snapper run usually continues into June, with plenty of Mangrove Snapper offering light-tackle fighting fun and delicious fillets for the freezer.

June Weather Outlook

Expect June day time air temps to stay right around 88°F and barely 10 degrees lower at night. Tropical moisture moving up from the south makes June the cloudiest month of the year in Key West and the sky is overcast or mostly cloudy over 50% of the time. Rain is also likely in June, a good thing in the hot weather. Average wind speed drops below 10mph, so those who dislike sporty water will enjoy Key West fishing in June.

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