Sunset Shark and Tarpon Fishing

Key West Fishing Charters has put together a trip that combines the best of Key West in one package. The Key West Sunset is so spectacular that crowds of people gather at the water’s edge each evening just to watch the sun sink into the Gulf of Mexico. The sky and water turn red and gold in an amazing natural spectacle. Now imagine hunting two of the hardest-fighting game fish on water – the legendary Key West Tarpon and the ocean’s top predator, the Shark. Your Fish Key West Guide can put you in this picture: hooked up with leaping Sliver King Tarpon or fighting Bull, Hammerhead, Lemon, and Black Tip Sharks.

Along with the beauty, excitement, and great photo opportunities, there are many other advantages offered by a Sunset Shark and Tarpon Fishing trip. Both Tarpon and Shark feed actively at dusk and into the evening, so the chances of good fishing are high. The temperatures drop as the sun sets, so evening fishing is a great way to beat the heat, particularly if you are visiting Key West in the summer. When the water is calm, the reduced glare of the lower sun allows for great wildlife watching, and it is common to spot hunting Sharks, feeding rays, fleeing baitfish, and diving seabirds. Families love the sunset trips because they allow time for tourist activities throughout the day, then bring family members together in the evening to enjoy a special time in an awesome natural setting. Sunset fishing is simpler as well, so kids and novice fisherman alike can experience the feel of the bite and the fight as your Key West Sunset Fishing Guide puts you on top of hungry Sharks that readily take nearly any bait they see.

At Fish Key West Charters, we usually take a combination of live and cut bait out on our Sunset Shark and Tarpon Fishing trips, but experienced fishermen looking for a light tackle battle with a 100 lb. plus Tarpon may use saltwater flies as well. Either way, anglers on our Sunset Tarpon and Shark Charters can go from blissful relaxation in beautiful natural surroundings to wild sport fishing action in seconds. Between the Tarpon and the Sharks, fishing excitement is practically guaranteed. Book a Key West Sunset Shark and Tarpon Fishing trip, bring a camera and some happy-hour beverages, and have an evening adventure that will be the highlight of your Key West vacation.