Gulf of Mexico Wreck Fishing

Shipwrecks are another prime source of fish-holding structure in the Gulf of Mexico. There are hundreds of wrecks on the bottom of the Gulf; anything from large freighters to commercial shrimp and fishing boats, airplanes, and the coral-covered rubble piles left from wrecks many decades old. These wrecks lie in water ranging from 10 to 130 feet deep. This means they offer ideal homes to a wide range of species including classic sport fish like Cobia, Grouper, Goliath Grouper, Kingfish, Permit, Snapper, and many others.

The guides at Fish Key West Charters know the best wrecks to target according to season, weather and water conditions, and the type of fishing you are after. This means that they can easily offer anglers a fast-action, fun-filled day of fishing. It is not unusual at all to pull up on a wreck and have your Fish Key West Captain point to a fish finder that is lit up like the Las Vegas strip as it marks hundreds of fish. Meanwhile, Cobia and Permit cruise the surface waiting to hit live bait or a lure. Fishermen will be kept busy, with fish on every rod at once being a common phenomenon in these abundant waters.

Gulf of Mexico Wreck Fishing is one of the star attractions of the Key West waters. The Fish Key West Captains will use their years of experience with the wrecks and share their passion for Salt Water Game Fishing to give you the most exciting fishing day of your life. Call Key West Fishing Charters to arrange your Key West Wreck Fishing trip now.